An Everyday Sale

Kohl’s is known for its sales and teams keep up with around 3-9 major site changes a week. I was tasked with creating a website design that incorporated the business needs into a pleasing and easy to use website for our customers. The homepage and department pages highlight our biggest sales. Also featured are major brand callouts, featured experiences and easy access for our customers’ most shopped product assortments. The design also needed to be easy to maintain and meet Kohl’s design standards.

After-Thanksgiving Day Sale

The biggest day of the retail year is the After-Thanksgiving Day Sale. Not only does the sale need to have enticing low prices, it also needs to be enticing to the customers’ eyes while coordinating with the in-store signage, sales flyer, mailers and all other collateral. The homepage on this day billows to twice its usual length, making it extra important to compress images while still delivering quality. As well as creating the 2009 homepage, I also designed and developed the department pages. Only two are included here.

Bridal Email Campaign

Brides-to-be who register at Kohls.com receive a series of emails to get her started on her journey to matrimonial bliss. I updated the content with the new styles and photography for a 2008 refresh of the Kohl’s Registry program. As well as designing and developing the email, I was also responsible for programming them for regular sends to our registrants.

Kohl’s Cares Landing Page

Just one of many landing pages I designed and maintained from 2005-2011. Kohl’s Cares landing pages involved maintaining both the Kohl’s brand and the vendor’s brand guidelines. Approvals were needed from both businesses before the official launch date. The other aspect of the page included information for customers to learn more about the Kohl’s Cares program, leading the customer to our Kohl’s Corporation website.


The many opportunities through the years allowed me to develop my HTML and CSS skills. As the website and Design team grew, so did our specializations. This led me to the role of web developer and overseeing the process around development. While my design role has transitioned, my eye for the details allows me to quickly and efficiently evolve a static image into a full homepage ready for use on Kohls.com. Plus, I am able to design tools to bring clarity to the many moving pieces that comprise a homepage for both my team and others within the organization.

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